Do You Have Bad Luck?

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I am not the sort of person who dabbles in luck. [Indialantic Rat Removal] If something looks like a great gamble to me, I run from it as fast as I can. If it looks too good to be true, believe me, it probably is not correct.

Luck has never been a friend of mine. The only luck I’ve ever had in life is when I tricked a young lady into saying,”I do.” That was 47 years back and I have not had a luckier moment since. Each year I appreciate that blessed moment more.

Apart from that, I am not on the blessed side of the street.

It is not that I would not appreciate a blessed moment every now and again. It is just that I am not the lucky kind of a person that gets that sort of thing.

My father taught me that life is not built on luck, but instead on hard work. Then he would send me into the backyard to do the mowing. Looking back on that situation, I think he was pretty lucky that I didn’t know what he was talking about and went and mowed the grass for him.

I tried this on my son once and he came back and said,”Dad, the mower is broken I can’t get it started.” Lucky for him.

I don’t understand why folks are so interested in luck. Whenever I visit a convenience store, there’s a long line behind the lottery ticket counter purchasing their ticket for the week.

1 time I stood back and watched people buy their lottery ticket and everyone’s impression was that they thought it was their lucky day and this was their lucky number.

I stopped one person and inquired,”Do you buy lottery tickets often?”

The guy looked at me and said very enthusiastically,”Yes, I buy them every week.” He then chuckled as he showed me his recent lottery ticket.

“How often,” I queried, “have you won?”

He looked at me and his smile evaporated and he mumbled,”Never.”

As I thought about that, I began to realize how blessed the lottery was that there were so many people that did not have any chance whatsoever except bad luck.

I start to figure how much it would cost annually to buy lottery tickets weekly. It was rather an amazing amount and I started to think how much bad luck cost people.

It is lucky for me that I don’t play the lottery since all I would experience is bad luck.

A young friend of mine was telling me that he had no chance in the dating compartment of his life. “All I have,” he complained, “is bad luck when it comes to dating.”

Then he explained that he was going to try his luck at one of these online dating programs. I am totally unfamiliar with that sort of thing, but he said that it might be his lucky day if he just went in that way. “Who knows,” he smiled, “I just might get lucky.”

Six months later, I saw him at the mall and ask him how his luck was with the online dating service.

He just looked at me and said,”So far all I have had is bad luck.”

I thought about this for a moment. Which is worse bad luck; the lottery or the online dating service?

Although I am not an expert along this line, I think the best bad luck would be in the lottery.

As I processed these items, it occurred to me that I have been a rather lucky dude, in my own time.

I was thinking of all of the money I saved from not playing the lottery. That brought a smile to my face. Not losing money is rather a blessed thing as far as I am concerned. I like to consider myself as fairly fugal in regards to money.

Another thing my dad said,”A penny saved is a penny earned.” I think I know where he got that saying. But when looking at it, it is extremely lucky to save a penny. Each time I go past the lottery window at the convenience store, I count my lucky stars that I am not having bad luck today.

My friend had no luck at the online dating service. I don’t know anyone luckier than me in this regard.

Now, I don’t want this to get back to her, I am hoping you will keep my little secret, but every day of my life I am blessed to have her in my life.

I must confess that I do not believe she is as blessed as I am. But I am blessed that she doesn’t take me to work with that one.

Thinking about this I recalled what David said in one of his Psalms.

Thinking about this a little more, I do not consider myself lucky. I consider myself to be blessed beyond words.

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