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However much you try to justify jealousy (even in cases where you’re being cheated ), it’s ALWAYS the lowest sense one can experience Medical Marijuana Doctor Palm Bay. And if you are feeling jealous (no matter what the reason is), you ALWAYS shed self-respect.

When you are feeling jealous, you usually operate on the incorrect premise (kind of like”wishful thinking”) that someone belongs to you, and you therefore wish to control what they believe, what they want and where they need to be. Now try this on: imagine someone wishes to control what you believe, what you need and where you need to be. Likewise, you can not control someone else’s ideas and needs . So instead of attempting to get the impossible, leave it alone.

Instead, concentrate on your feelings and attempt to control them. If you’re feeling jealous, it’s usually because you’re unsure of yourself. In those minutes, remind yourself of your value. Assert your own personal qualities and exercise self-love. This is both enabling and self-respectful.

At this time you’re probably asking”But what if I’m being cheated on?” Well, there is no excuse to feel jealous. Being on the receiving end of adultery generally brings up your self-esteem difficulties. That’s why you will need to work on your confidence. Because in case you don’t, you’re most likely to wind up not merely feeling jealous but also tolerating the infidelity (for fear of being abandoned ), thus disrespecting yourself even more. Instead, you should simply escape the connection (assuming infidelity isn’t in agreement with your personal values). That is what any confident individual who respects themselves would do.

But that is not effective and does not help you achieve anything. Whenever someone is cheating on you, do not take it personally. Empower yourself by claiming your own price, refuse to feel jealous, and just escape the relationship. Taking personal responsibility for your emotions and to your activities demonstrates a high degree of self-respect and is the only behaviour that can help you attain a positive outcome.

Remember: If you need a fantastic relationship, you operate on the connection. If you want a terrific relationship, you work on yourself!

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