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SALES CONTRACT                                                                               DATE: __________________________

BUYER’S NAME: ______________________________ TELEPHONE NO: ___________________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________CITY: ____________________ STATE: ______ ZIP: __________

The following (PUP) (DOG) ____________________________________Breed: _______________________

Color: _______ Sex: _____ Reg. No.: _________________ Tattoo: ____________ Whelped: _______________

Sired by: ______________________________ Dam: ______________________________________________

The buyer agrees and binds him/herself to take good and reasonable care of said dog, feed, and house properly, not to let him/her run loose or unattended at any time and to promptly provide or secure the best of attention to the physical welfare of the dog at the buyer’s expense.

Dogs, when introduced into new surroundings, may act strange and inclined to exhibit shyness and inactivity. In some instances, they refuse food they are not used to. After adapting to the new environment, they will readily accept buyer as their new master and take the food offered. Loving care and attention will aide in overcoming shyness to new quarters.

This dog/puppy is guaranteed to be in good health, to the best of our knowledge at the time of sale. The buyer has a health guarantee extending 72 hours (three days) in which to have the dog checked by a licensed veterinarian and is urged to do so. Should this veterinarian discover anything wrong with said dog, it will be exchanged for another of equal value from the next available litter. The seller will replace said dog, if he/she matures with a congenital defect whereas he/she cannot function as a (PET), (BREEDER), (SHOW), (WORKING) dog. A letter from the examining veterinarian is necessary for the return of any dog/puppy, stating date of examination and complete diagnosis. Seller reserves the right to have said animal examined by a veterinarian of seller’s choice. It is further understood and agreed that NO MONEY is refunded and any exchange must be made within the guarantee period, excluding sterility, disqualifying show faults (for animals specifically sold as show potential dogs), and congenital defects.

The seller is to recieve for above dog $_______________and / or _______________________________ in whole/in part at time of delivery of said dog. Deposit received $ ___________. If said dog is male, the seller retains the right of stud service (YES / NO) to any bitched owned wholly or in part by seller which the seller wishes bred to above said dog. The buyer is responsible for the set cash price of said dog. If said dog should die before full payment is reached, through medical negligence or negligence in any form on the buyer’s part, the buyer is liable for full value of said dog at the time of purchase. Value is set at: $ ________________ BUYER: ___________SELLER: ______________ the event of buyer’s default or breach of this agreement, buyer shall be liable for seller’s costs of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees. This agreement is made for the parties’ mutual benefit and protection. It is understood that seller will not stand responsible after 72 hours under any circumstances or if any expense is incurred in connection with the care of this dog through veterinary bills during this 72 hour period. The title of ownership and the rights of registration of any dog sold under this agreement remain in the seller’s or his/her assigns until full payment has been made by the buyer and a certificate of spaying or castration has been obtained. Then and only then will the ownership papers (AKC) registration be signed over to buyer.


SELLER: _______________________________________ BUYER: __________________________________

ADDITIONAL TERMS: _______________________________________________________________________________

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